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 About Me I am married to Sheila, the other half of my sky,

we met whilst still at school, and have two fantastic daughters, Sarah &  Kate.

I enjoy life and live it to the full as I believe:

those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind!


 I was working for other people, both in the Public and Private sector, for over twenty years,

then I realised I needed to change!

So I set up my own company,  and have never regretted it!

I am a Trainer, Speaker and Entrepreneur.

Throughout my career I have thoroughly enjoyed making a difference to the way people live.

Over many years I have worked at refining my options and decided on  Internet Marketing.


Having worked and developed with the help of  various companies and products

I’ve settled on helping people save for their futures.

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Finally: Life is short and it is important you Live your dream

and not to waste any opportunities.

That is what I’m doing and I urge you to join me!

To your success!






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